Amanda Martinotti

Improve the wellness of your customers with the right words.

About Me

I am a copywriter for spiritual and pet businesses who want to help their human and furry clients improve their well-being with their products and services.

My gift for mending and transforming lives through words is at the heart of my copywriting business.

With your products, courses, or services and my intuitive ability to connect with souls through words, we can work together to better the world.

Ready to change the world? 

What I Charge


I will write an entire website up to 10 pages that will persuade your audience to improve their life with your product/service.


Write a sales page that hypnotizes your clients and persuades them into benefiting from your product/service leading to magnetic sales!


Write an engaging landing page that leads to more conversions and sign ups.

$150/ Social Media Post

I will write persuasive copy that helps grow your social media, while engaging with current followers. 

$250/ 1k words

I will write an engaging blog review, how to, or news article to grow website traffic, increase trust, drive abundant sales!

Contact Me

My inbox is always open, you can contact me with the contact form here